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Author: fsuarez

Invite an external user to a Teams

Home » Archives for Invite an external user to a Teams 0 Comments These days the use of Teams is growing, many people work from home and use the application to work remotely. As a result, today I share with you information...

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Windows activation issue

Home » Archives forMost of the time the computer or laptop came with W10 pre-installed. In this case, you can install it from USB flash memory when the computer gets crashed. Then you need to create a Windows 10...

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Windows Media Player Issue

Home » Archives forThere are 3 easy fixes from Microsoft related to Windows Media Player 2. Uninstall and Reinstall Windows Media Player To...

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Keyboard malfunction

Home » Archives forIn this scenario, we have two possible ways of working, first a problem with the keyboard hardware which implies a replacement and second a software problem that is solved by executing some program or...

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Installing W10 version

Home » Archives forWhat I’d do at this point is install Media Creation Tool from this link, choosing the button to Install Tool Now and then open the installed app and choose Upgrade This PC...

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