MediaWhat I’d do at this point is install Media Creation Tool from this link, choosing the button to Install Tool Now and then open the installed app and choose Upgrade This PC

Now: Media-creation-tool-install

This is the most stable way to change to the latest version (which you need anyway) and because it reinstall Windows while keeping your files and programs in place, fixes most problems. It also brings all Windows Updates to date.

If there are any hurdles during install then these steps can overcome them: Overcoming-windows-10-upgrade-failures

If these do not help then report back any verbatim error message or behavior.

If you want to temporarily block the update then try running the Hide Updates tool downloaded and installed from here:

If it wont’ find and hide the Update then you can set a Metered Connection to turn off Windows Updates for awhile until the version matures and you can try again using the method I suggest which always works best: Prevent-w10-automatically-downloading-updates

Almost everyone with major version upgrade problems who Clean installs the same version does not have those problems. This Clean Install should get you past all difficulties as it has hundreds of thousands of others who have followed the steps in this link and never come back to report another problem: Clean-reinstall-windows-10-upgrade-factory-oem