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Invite an external user to a Teams

Invite an external user to a Teams

These days the use of Teams is growing, many people work from home and use the application to work remotely. As a result, today I share with you information about how to invite an external user to a Teams from the Office365 platform.

Unlike the free version of Teams, the paid version from the office365 platform requires taking into account some details. So, I carry out the necessary tests to verify that I could communicate with external users outside my organization without any problem.

First of all, you must have activated the option in your organization that allows you to communicate with guest users. For that you must follow these steps:

  • Sign in to the Microsoft Teams admin center.
  • Select Organization wide settings> Guest access.
  • Set allow guest access in Microsoft Teams to on.
Teamguest 1

The next step I need to invite an external user to a Teams is sent him an invitation through email , regardless of whether he has a Gmail or Yahoo domain, any email is valid if he can receive the invitation.

To perform the procedure, we need to access the blue administration from our portal; When we access the global administrator, we can access the administration of the Azure portal, as we generally access all the others.

adminextuse 1

We will be redirected to the Azure portal, from which we make an invitation. For this we click on the left section of users. Next we go to the new external user section; then we mark the option to invite a user and then fill in the data such as name and email.

azureextuse 1

In my case I must comment that immediately after filling in the data to invite an external user to a Teams; I received an error and could not send request to external user to connect to Teams.

The problem was due to the fact that I did not have permission to invite external users. A solution to this problem was to access the user settings; Next, we go to the management of external collaboration settings.

azureextuse1 1

Then a window opens with different permissions for collaboration with external users. Here we enable the second option where the administrator can invite external users within the organization.

azureextuse2 1

After this process, the external user will receive an email where he can accept the invitation, this process is necessary for the permissions to be enabled in the organization. When the external person has accepted, they can easily add it to Teams group contacts and chat as well.

Team1Guest 1

As a result, we have seen to invite an external user to Teams, on the Microsoft365 platform we need to carry out some steps not very complicated, but it is not so obvious. You can see other details from Microsoft’s site here:

This process is not necessary to follow it when you use Teams free, you simply write the email you select and send the invitation.

I hope this information is helpful to everyone who needs it.

Everyone who needs it can use Teams to communicate for free

Microsoft continues betting on the development of Teams now taking a stronger step, each person who needs can use the Teams application for free, this step undoubtedly leaves the replacement of Skype, next we share the information to acquire the free Teams:

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